About us

DMT GmbH & Co. KG (DMT) is an independent engineering and consulting company which specialises in the sectors of raw materials exploration, product testing and building safety, construction and infrastructure, mining and coking plant engineering as well as industrial testing and measuring technology.

We provide surveying solutions in mining and tunnelling and supply integrated concepts for the application of GPS. Vibration measurements and prognoses, seismic interpretations, airborne and satellite based surveyings are being used for the monitoring of subsidences.

Moreover, for more than 100 years we have been developing, manufacturing and selling geophysical, geodetic and geotechnical surveying systems, e.g. GYROMAT 5000, the world's fastest and most precise surveying gyro.

Our instrument engineering section creates prototypes, develops instruments ready for series production and adapts existing standard systems on the market for special applications. The instruments are calibrated in our own calibration laboratory.