Fully Automatic Precision Gyroscope

The GYROMAT 3000 has for many years been a reliable instrument for measuring directions with an accuracy of 1/1000th gon, which corresponds to a deviation in arc of about 1.6 cm over a distance of one kilometre. The time needed for measuring a single direction is about 10 minutes. This time can be reduced by applying two other survey programs, but the measuring accuracy is also reduced. The option to add a theodolite or a total station as required enables the instrument to be used universally for geodetic applications or control work.

  • Maximum measuring accuracy
  • Fast and fully automatic measurement sequence
  • No need for pre-orientation
  • Customer defined total station or theodolite set up

Special Design Features

  • Ergonomically designed instrument with integrated batteries
  • Three serial interfaces (RS 232) to connect to a PC, a total station or other devices
  • Wireless remote control and data transmission
  • Two operation panels with integrated multiline display and keyboard
  • Menu-controlled, interactive operation
  • Integrated monitoring plus comprehensive history and help functions